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“Neon Romance”, the 10-song debut of Brooklyn based pop singer Boy Radio, is a collaborative mix of pop, dance, soul, and r&b sounds. The album is imaginative and focused on the highs of a relationship. The album also features artwork and a pdf lyrics booklet designed by @Molokid.


Boy Radio’s “Neon Romance" is an unconventional pop/r&b record that certainly breaks a lot of the rules set by independent artist standards. The track list contains highlights from the album in bold.



Neon Romance

Track list 

1. Neon Romance

2. Bad Man

3. Plastic Bag

4. Classy Artsy

5. Gonna Be

6. Backstage

7. Pie

8. Bad Boys

9. Danse du Renegát

10. Golden Boy 




Photographer: Courtney Charles

Design: @Molokid

MUA: Slater Stanley

(c) 2017 Loverboy Music